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    Hi Guys,

    I am very interested in watching and making spoof videos..If you guys know any good youtube links please let me know

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    Surely, the point of a spoof is that the viewer doesn't realise they are being taken further (and further) away from the original?
    Top of Head... a close shot of a moving car, but we can't see the occupants, but the voice is reminding us the name of a Quarter-pounder in France...the camera tracks the car (and unseen occupants) into a wall. ...Titles...."Pulped".

    You will recall this is one of the memorable scenes early-on in Pulp Fiction, only there we see the occupants - and that makes the shot very difficult for "us" to replicate. Naturally they don't crash. By haing the windows closed (but avoiding seeing the cameraman, - so a green-screen will help), then we hear a balanced audio of the street-scene and the occupants . .. the trick is to get that balance right . . . . not that easy. This short clip could take quite a while to perfect. The trick is making is so similar to the original it looks like an "alternative" that ended up on the cutting-room floor. . . only at the end is it obvious it's a spoof.

    I'm not at all sure that raising a can of lager is a spoof . . . . but I will accept you know your Cinema better than I.
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    Hi vidmanners,

    Thanks for the comment.. Liked the idea for pulp fiction spoof .. Will sure keep that in mind when I start with my next is sure a starting point ...

    here is a link to a spoof that my team and I created based on paranormal activity and inception. Please watch it and feel free to comment..this was shot in 1 day and edited in 1 day..There are few flaws but overall we got what we wanted...

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