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Thread: My latest B.A.S.E. Jumping film - This time a memorial.

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    Cool My latest B.A.S.E. Jumping film - This time a memorial.

    Hi all,

    I've posted my BASE jumping videos here in the past [Venture to the Eiger], and I've got my latest to share. It's different to the others in that it is a memorial video for a mate who died while jumping. We were working on 2 projects together at the time, we were filming for a chinese car TVC and also for our own personal project. Some of the footage is from the days before he died, at the location he died at. The rest is footage I took of him in Italy while filming for my previous video: B.A.S.E. Tour 2012

    While the visual style is still consistent with my earlier videos, the tone is obviously a lot different. I'd love to see what you think:

    (to continue with pimping the links of my videos on Infinity List, here is the latest one. Please, if you like them press the HYPE button on those links)


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    Extremely well done! Great opening shots, really set the mood, great jump shots, great closing. Really did a great job at capturing your friend. May he RIP!

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    A very nice tribute to your friend.

    It kind of puts into perspective the achievement of that guy who jumped from 24 miles on the edge of space.

    Well done.

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    I find it staggering that while you're doing that you're filming. Very nice looking footage and well edited. Though I can't say I like the subject matter.

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