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Thread: Editing iPhone video in Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0?

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    Default Editing iPhone video in Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0?

    Whenever I load the video into my media import list, it just shows up as a green screen. I can't see anything.

    Any thoughts? Thanks.

    Also, my Quicktime version is the newest.

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    Have you matched your Project Settings to your Media?

    What happens when you drag it to the Timeline?


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    Hello Syle,
    Just wondering if you found out how to fix your green screen? I have the same problem and I can't crack it!

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    Potsy? What's your problem exactly? Syle hasn't even bothered to come back to reply to my advise.

    ... ... .

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    Hi there Grazie,
    My apoligies for such a slow reply. I didn't mangage my settings properly and got no notice of your post! My mistake.

    Thanks for your help, I got back to having a look at this today and your post sort of solved things. I started a project and told Vegas to match an mov file (from my iphone) to make sure I had my settings matching the media. That worked for about 7 out of 10 files. The others still show up as a green or red screen (black in the trimmer). Odd that it would be good for some and not others. I'm using Vegas Movie Studio HD (build 75, which is the latest). Win XP sp3.

    So I think I'll just stick to converting my files to something that works. I can't wait to ditch my iphone - apple makes everything complicated!


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    Yeah, you're very welcome!

    Y'know sometimes, just sometimes we have to take a pragmatic view and render to something else. I do it ALL the time. It's about the job, it ain't about process-envy. If y'know what I mean? . . 'arry?

    ... ..

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    Ha! Process envy is what I have. Definitely.

    I have always just taken video with my video camera, but over the last year the video capable devices have been breeding around here. The iphone, the blackberry, the waterproof thing that goes on your bike helmet, the kids' cameras they got for christmas... and the old handycam. So there are a whole bunch of formats and I guess it's just not realistic to think one editor will handle everything you might have. And they will keep breeding. And there's no way they'll all be playable in 10 years!

    So I think I'm going to settle on one format and convert everything to that when I transfer to the hard drives. Pick an editor that likes that format and then it will always work. And in 10 years when that format becomes unplayable I'll just convert everything to a new format all at once on one of the suparfast super computers that we'll all have by then. By then there will also be a single agreed format to make it easy for us all!

    It would be better to keep the original files because every conversion probably degrades. But I'm sure so many bits and pieces would continue to create trouble of precisely the kind I'm having now! So, to pick a format...


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    Just out of curiosity, what are you and Grazie going to convert your footage to so that it can be used in Vegas (and do you have a recommended way/programme/shortcut to make the conversion)?

    I'm interested partly because my grandson has just acquired a Go Pro helmet camera and I'm anticipating his next request! And partly because I've just got myself a new smart phone (Sony with Orange).


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    My Acid test would be mixing my iPhone video+Stills AND my Canon Powershot video+stills. But now I have a beefy PC with Win7 maybe these issues will just go away?

    My mixes have consisted of MXF 1440x1080i files AND 720x576 SD which this pc just sailed right through. I have mixed SD with MOV and that was touch and go. I've used Lagarith as my interim lossless go-to guy.

    I'll give my Acid test a shot and report back. Have got ANY GoPro footage to play with?

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    Hi Richard, after trying a bunch of those free trials I settled on the Movavi Video Converter which is simple to use and not too costly. But I'm not an expert so don't really know if it causes loss, can only say I haven't noticed it. I did some reading but came no closer to choosing a format... it's complicated because there are so many options! I'll settle on whatever I think will archive best (compromise between file size/quality/futureproofing), but the truth is it'll take me a while because I know nothing yet. Then I'll choose an editor that will play nicely with the archive format. I hope that will be Vegas because I like the workflow in Vegas - it is similar to lots of other things so it's easy to get used to. But I don't mind changing if Vegas doesn't like my archive format. Will keep you posted over the coming months.

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