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Thread: How To Make a Good Video (Comedy)

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    Here is my tutorial of how to make a good video.

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    it was a fun watch. I like the voice, the tone and facial expressions.

    what would have been great is that if it were actually filmed more "professionally"-ish, like the part where you're speaking for example, maybe a slightly longer shot, your waist up, and you can express even more by moving around. maybe I'm not the best advice here tho.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that the idea is great, but it would have been really nice to see it done in a more "professional" manner, just like if you were doing an actual, serious and thought out tutorial.

    there are great tutorials out there, just try to reach that high end quality all while keeping your "out of the box" and comical idea. it's probably easier said than done and it does cost money in equipment, lighting and whatnot, but there are cheaper alternatives that will not be of professional quality but will help you out getting started in filming more seriously, setting up your scene, lighting it up etc...

    keep at it!

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