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Thread: Need help please regarding 'Zey The Mouse' film-making, (The Future)

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    Smile Need help please regarding 'Zey The Mouse' film-making, (The Future)

    Hi, all

    I have been thinking about what's best for 'Zey The Mouse',my professional background is Graphic Design!! i'm having great trouble with:

    - producing smooth work!
    - i live in norfolk in the sticks, there are no companies that make animation! No jobs going anywhere.
    - i'm scared of being known as a rubbish animator!

    I have come to the desicion that i would be better off making Zey into a:

    -Children's Storybook, as the intended episode 1 chestnut hall is written by my writer and would look wonderful as a book!!!

    What's your opinion??


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    I recall your ''ZEY THE MOUSE' Animation: PROMO 2012' was well received in these Forums. Whilst I admire your skills with sets, characters and storytelling skills; the clip(s) are let down by your lighting, camera stability and final editing. Easily solved with a little research and hardware. Sadly, getting 'smooth' animation by using stop/motion is time consuming, which is why CGI is so popular; but you would need to convert, or re-create your models in the required format.

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    You could always do both a book and an animation series.

    To get smoother animation you need to re-think the whole animation process. It can sometimes take days to shoot a few seconds of footage. As you need to take a lot more photos per second to get that smooth look. You also need to be in total control of the lighting. This means shooting without any ambient light as that will change though out the day.

    It's up to you if you want to do it or not. I wouldn't because I don't have the patience needed.

    Take a look at THIS to give you some perspective of work load. I'm not saying you have to have a set up like this but you hold your self a little bit of each area you are taken to in the video. If this is too much for you try and recruit some help from other enthusiasts, even in Norfolk. You should be able to fine somebody who would be interested. Advertise in the local press etc..

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    Hi thank you for your advice!

    as Tim mentioned, Zey was well recieved here and all over the internet, forums, websites, youtube! i don't have the suficent thing's to be able to go forth, i have researched watched, taken others help etc,
    I did advertise in may and june just gone in 3 newspapers for animators no one was really interested, 1 came forward but i didn't feel comfortable with the person. i had a friend who had a friend that
    gave some advice and someone who put zey out on more websites!!

    If this was in the with the times 2012-(C.G.I) then i'd have more interest

    no ones interested in the old fashioned anymore, i see that on TV and Films Cinema etc!

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    It sounds like you're having a real crisis of self doubt. Most creative people go through that from time to time.

    It's easier if you have a team of people working on something - you may be at a stage where you want to give up, but you simply cannot because you'd be letting others down, so you work through it.

    When you're working alone and problems look insurmountable, it's not so easy to keep going - you're nt letting anyone down. But you are - yourself.

    Take a break from the project or see if there's another approach.

    I've no idea on what basis you wre trying to involve other animators - what did they stand to achieve. If you provide the models and equipment, I'd have thought that there would be loads of willing people after earning some pocket money.

    TimA has summed it up exactly. You have the model making skils and the ideas. Ther rest is purely mechanical (consistant lights, more frames per second) and time consuming, but it's not skilled to an extent that you can't learn it and train others.

    Quote Originally Posted by ianharding View Post
    no ones interested in the old fashioned anymore, i see that on TV and Films Cinema etc!
    Not true. Aardman continue to make "claymation" films grossing millions as well as TV series like "Shaun the Sheep".
    The most popular films to emaerge from our club in recent years have been made is the "Captain Pugwash" style (movable cardboard cutout figures - film a couple of seconds of movement, then re-draw the cut-outs and backgrounds to film a few more)

    Now, take a break from it (or not) then give yourself a bloody good kick up the backside and figure a way to make this thing work.

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    I will have a break!! I think that a National Newspaper would be benifical to attract a team of animators! but national papers are awkward
    to try and get a story in! They have to really think its good enough to feature! they don't reply to e-mails and are hard to talk to on the phone
    as ive experienced this!

    I don't want to let ZEY go as it's worth a lot to me and is the best thing ive ever created from my own imagination!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianharding View Post
    I don't want to let ZEY go as it's worth a lot to me and is the best thing ive ever created from my own imagination!!
    If I understand correctly, your concern is that you would like Zey to progress but do not feel you have the ability to do it on your own.

    Various people on this forum have pointed out that you can make relativley minor changes on the film-making side (e.g. stabilizing the camera) that will result in a better product. I think this is the place to start.

    The one nice thing about being on your own is that time is on your side. Once you get involved with other people you are in a very different situation where, for example, "the actors are only available for two days" or "you only have money to rent the camera for a week", etc. etc. etc. and your product actually suffers for it. When I want to make a nice movie, I just take my time and put it together at my own pace. Luckily I love seeing me on film and if it takes 110 takes to get one line right it doesn't matter because I can watch me all day.

    I think you should continue to use this forum to make incremental improvements and see for yourself the progress you make with Zey over time.

    You should also engage a real-life audience. I like to project my movies on a screen outside my house on October 31st so the neighbourhood kids and their parents can watch them when they stop by for candies. That might be a good venue for Zey as well. Perhaps you should do the same on Halloween this year.

    Have you thought of taking Zey in a different direction? Just because he is a little mouse doesn't mean that he has to be part of a children's story. For example, he could be a public service mouse explaining to kids that they shouldn't drink household bleach and such.

    Oh -- and I almost forgot -- why not add some characters from the forum -- you could have Zam the lion, Slimbob the billy goat, etc. You could also have them drinking coffee at the Blue Midnight cafe etc. There's nothing better to engage people than to put them in the story.

    The sky is the limit for Zey!

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    Hi, Zam!!
    Thank you for your time!! I have now thought carefully about Zey! i am going to experiment a lot still, before i even start filming 'Chestnut Hall', i shall look into more possibilities!!

    Good idea about characters from the forum, or drinking coffee at the blue midnight cafe, nice involvement so people could relate!!

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