I 'm looking for some advise on the following.

I need to record a seminar, and I don't have the timeline for post editing as the recordings are required almost immediately.

I use the following for live technical training streamed across the company.

4 x Sony A1U cameras ( each has a Sony HDD recorder attached to avoid using tape )
1 x Roland VR-3
2 x 1TB Lacie Rugged USB 3 drives

On the laptop I also have Wirecast which I sometimes use for more than 4 cameras if required as I can use the VR-3 as a single input for Wirecast.

My portable solution would be to use the 4 cameras with the Roland VR-3 and instead of the streaming option simply use the composite outputs of the VR-3 and record to an external Video recorder?

I'm open to any suggestions and also if you could recommend a portable Video recorder that can take composite input I would appreciate it.

I also had the idea of using Wirecast with the VR-3, I would simply have one camera input in Wirecast which would display the switching of the cameras in the VR-3 and then record out of wirecast to the Lacie drive in 1080p Quicktime format?

I'm more concerned with the recording of the video output. The audio feed will go into the VR-3 directly from the Seminar Audio system so that all of the wireless mics of the speakers and static mics will be used instead of the Camera mics.

Any recommendations based on what I have, or what I might need would be appreciated.