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    Let me first introduce myself. I'm Offbeat Bryce I make comedy videos on youtube. This is my first post on digital director. Here is a video I made of my silly interpretation of P!nks Song Raise Your Glass. P!nk Raise Your Glass - YouTube

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    Not really much content is there.

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    I quite liked the content and was going to comment taht this was the only thing the video had going for it. It's a silly joke, but if it brings a smirk to someone's face, then "why not?"

    My suggestion would be that if you're going to make shorts like this, then spend time on teh production values of the video.
    Lighting was poor - we couldn't really see you.
    The camera was hand held and therefore looked very home movie.

    I'd have used at least three shots on this - the wide shot you have (but lit and composed better), a close up of the glass, and a mid shot of you raising the glass.

    I'd probably open with a close up of the glass with a title over it (eg "Raise your Glass - a tribute to Pink"). This probably wrong misleads the viewer into expecting something else.
    Then the wide shot (viewer still probably waiting for the song to cut in.
    As you reach for the glass, cut to a close up of the glass with your hand grasping it - start to raise it.
    Cut to a mid shot, head and shoulder/upper torso including the raised glass, nod "cheers", pause, wink to camera. Cut.

    This is the same gag, but with higher production values.

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    thanks for the tip. I have some higher quality videos on my channel this one I just wanted to do a quick thing without really thinking to much about all the higehr quality stuff. I took film in college so I know about the lighting etc. Maybe I could make part 2 and so on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by offbeatbryce View Post
    Maybe I could make part 2 and so on?
    I think making another episode of someone raising a glass might stretch the point somewhat ...

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    Good Point. I have more of these type of videos coming out soon such as Carrie Underwood Blown Away where her poster gets picked up by a twister.

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