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Thread: My video of my staff at hustlers in bangkok

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    Default My video of my staff at hustlers in bangkok

    I would like any help on improving my video please i am using an xacti 2000hd and power director 9 to edit. Many thanks steve.

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    I'm a friend of Steve's, he loves his video work.

    I invited him here so he can get the benefit of all your advices. Steve wants lots of it lol

    He manages Hustlers pool bar in Bangkok, and is a great guy, so if you're ever in Bangkok, I recommend a visit

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    Thanks Dave thats very nice of you to say, and by the way all of us at Hustlers think your a great guy too.

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    Blimey! Someone has had fun going through and using every effect in one video!
    It looked like everyone had a lot of fun making it and I've no doubt of the time spent putting it together. If you want to promote an atmosphere of fun then this does the job.

    The art will be in putting together a promo which manages to retain that sense of fun yet also give the impression of a professional and classy establishment.

    I think you really need to work on what sort of image you want to portray. Look at what shots show your club to best effect. look at what shots show the staff to best effect. Which people interview best. If someone looks great but doesn't interview well, maybe put in some shots of her (or him) but leave out the interview. When you've decided on the shots and filmed and recorded them (remember to pay as much attention to the sound recording as to the visuals - this means not recording on camera mics, but getting mics up close and personal) select only the very best shots. If there's a shot you need but it's not up to scratch - reshoot. Once you've done this, aim to cut out half of those shots. Now you'll have the very best of the very best.

    When you cut it together use only one or two different transitions. You could paint your house in a different colour for every wall, but you choose only a few select colours. The same goes for transitions. Just because you have them it does not mean you have to use them.
    Similarly use only one or two different fonts.

    Avoid using downloaded backdrops which are watermarked.

    Avoid using any music for which you do not have the rights. (You run the risk that the sound will be pulled - then what's the use of your video?)

    On the other hand, if you're not intent on making a proper promo for your bar, then make sure you continue to have fun!

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    Default Thanks Tim

    Thanks Tim

    Great advice, yes l am very new to all this and use to many effects because i can hehe.

    Will be looking to you for more advice as time goes on, cheers much appreciated

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