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Thread: Best Free Editor ?

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    Default Best Free Editor ?

    Have just transferred my old Vid 8 tapes to DVD. Would like to have a go at sorting out the poor bits (quite a few !). Can any-one advise me on the above please. Thanks

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    You could always have a go with Windows Movie Maker. It's not the best editing software in the world but it's free with every Windows based PC.

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    Thanks MB, I have that with Win 7 but am I right in thinking that it's end result only plays in WMM ? ie: not on a TV through a DVD player..
    I was thinking of a freebie that works with Win 7 ??

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    Windows 7 has a burn DVD feature from movie maker.

    Film 10 seconds of video, then try to get it onto DVD, If that works for you then that's all you need.

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    Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is governed by GPL License.

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    Thanks BP, that doesn't seem to work. Has any-one used Videopad. ps. Isn't Notepad++ just for text edit ?

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    I thnk poster does mean VideoPad - I recall some versions are free, but obviouly not the one you want!

    WMM is OK for SD, but I though Win7 needed a download of Windows Live MM? I've tried it a few times and it's a nightmare every time. Burning to DVD is something of a lottery.

    OP is going to be investing TIME in this project and those tapes weren't free . . so I'd suggest he tries Vegas Studio - it's a fully featured Editor with video and audio control. Movie Studio v112 is current, and the Productiond Suite comes with an audio editor, DVD authoring and 45 min tutorial DVD, as well as Royalty-free music,... about 40 Amazon I recall.
    It's not free, but well-liked (here) and there are plenty of Tutorials on YouTube (and Sony site); I think you will never again look at free...

    Free to buy, BUT not free in your time . . and the results will be....poor.... no mastery of the software will improve either.

    However, a stonking bargain Vegs (Movie Studio PS).
    It won't work out of the box - You have to give it some time to get "into Editing" and find your workflow, but the effort will speed up the whole process, while giving those tapes their best chances . . . . All IMHO.
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    Many thanks for that, will have a look around at your recommendations.

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    Awaiting delivery of Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 ( 15 eBay new )

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