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    Default Searching for a Titler

    Hello Guys, i hope you can help me

    Iam searching for something like that: Cascada - The Rhythm Of The Night (Ryan T. & Rick M. Radio Edit) - YouTube (I meen at the beginning the animated Titler with Songname etc.)

    Can someone send me a Tutorial or a Template?

    Thx for Help!

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    That's all doable in Vegas. But it aint no Template.

    . . . . .

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    Okay i still have Sony Vegas ... but iam just, i say, an Amateure "learn by dooing" ... thats the best way to learn something but i dont have any ideas, how to do that :/
    DId you known some good Tutorials?

    Sorry for my bad english iam from germany ^^

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    there are loads on Youtube, just type the relevant search words

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    There are two new Titlers, the better one in Pro and a reduced one in Studio - although their names are somewhat similar they are different effect (different complexity programs - as you'd expect). If you have v 11 or 12 then you should see this option in the list of Text-effects (eg Like Credit Roll) in the Media Generator Tab (or "Generated Media"?).

    Both are capable of degrees of animation, but it's probably best to see thei Sony Webinar on "Branding" -although long-winded at the start, it covers many aspects - quite why it's called Branding, I don't know. However, one feature that appears to be lacking is placing a GIF, or other file and then let it be handled like part of the Text.....Seems a shame as this is what I'd expect Branding to be - an animated /moving Logo that gives your Vids some corporate identity . . . indeed I'm surprised Pro doesn't sell templates to do just that, so you can choose from a hundred, or so and mess with them so it's unlikely anyone will have two the same...etc.
    How about it Sony?
    Folk could trial them - and buy the one they remove the Sony watermark, for example.

    Wouldn't suit me, but then I'm happy with non-branded . . . Anyone can spot my camerawork, and the voiceovers aren't much, either.....but it's a Brand (of sorts).
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