Due to the answer in this post: http://www.videoforums.co.uk/digital...recording.html i guess we need to buy a camcorder
In short: We need to feed the video live to a pc/mac probably running final cut pro.
It's going to be in a stationary position on a tripod for most of the shooting.
The image must be good enough for hi-def but not on a professional movie level.
Sound will be recorded by external mic.
The studio has limited size, so the field of view should be in the broad side.

I really need your help, my knowledge is pretty limited to DSLR's and it seems they would just be too difficult to work with in this type of setup.
It's kinda hard to put a price limit, mostly because prices differ so much from outside Denmark where we live with our gigantic tolls, vat etc. But i guess a midrange camera is where we are at. We thought we would go for something like the EOS 600D.

Hope to get the holy grail of advice from you guys