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Thread: New Test Shot Clip, Zey The Mouse riding a Bicycle!

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    Default New Test Shot Clip, Zey The Mouse riding a Bicycle!

    Hi, all

    I have just finished making a small Test Shot Clip of Zey The Mouse, riding a Bicycle and doing ma few stunts!
    Ideally i will edit and take the best part out for including it on the Intro for the Episodes!!

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    I think it needs more frames to make it look smoother also the colour temp seemed to change.

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    Hi, Thanks for your comment!!, yes it needs more frames, this is very hard work, the colour does change a little, i am still
    going to do lots of experiments the more i do then the more experience. Was thinking of doing a walking scene with more steps, you know hand hands moving forward and backwards!

    I shall not give up!!!

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    Is there any chance that the wheels might turn? I think there is no need for accuracy, so if possible; turn the wheels between each frame, and it should look like they are turning natrually.
    I am not sure, but are the camera movements on purpose? May it look smoother if the camera was steadier?
    Good stuff. Looking forward to seeing more.

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    i thought it was fine except for the jerky background when you are trucking from left to right -- i think you need a way to keep the camera moving in only one dimension at a time with respect to the background -- will the camera fit on a toy train set so you can roll it along beside the action?

    if you can stabilize the background scenery with respect to the camera I think you will be fine
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