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    VIDEO: Spaceport Union - Writing's On The Wall - YouTube

    I recently shot a music video for Spaceport Union's, Writing's on the Wall.

    It is still to be added to my video blog (Jamie Franz Hoover | Video Blog) and will likely be added to that today.

    The purpose of the blog is to give me focus on producing videos while I work full time and go to school part time so always meant to be very quick and the hope is to release at least two per month. The reason I give the background is because I'm hoping on some feedback of how I can improve giving my parameters: little to no crew, limited locations, fx, etc. I've recently spent more than I can afford on an XA10 so need to make sure I'm taking full advantage of it's abilities too.

    This video had me diving into Sony's fx abilities more than I ever had and I actually learnt quite a bit on this production so I'm taking that as a huge win. That said, the band was looking for an old 8mm type look to the video - do you think I captured that style without taking away from the video?

    Thanks to anyone who can give some thoughts

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    Loved the funky tune, but I'm gonna be harsh here.

    The storyline went from interesting to non existent, and so I got bored with the funky tune.

    You''re in for a flogging with the jerky cam shots, missing and losing heads etc, and I think I counted once where the drum stick actually hit the snare in any kind of sync.

    Shame really because I was intrigued for a little while, but couldn't follow the plot, you didn't tell the story very well, too many 'fills' of him staring at the board - if you can't give your time to plan varied shots, how do you expect the viewer to give their time to watch your production?

    Music videos ain't easy when you're flying solo, you've got to be committed and confident about your content, storyline, flow and message.

    You say you're busy, and this was obviously a lot of work, I think maybe you underestimated the amount of shots needed. If true, it's not the worst thing to edit the song down by 90 seconds if it makes the video flow.

    That's less work for the same shebang

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    I would have gone for a less contrasty look but that's not a big issue. Stripe is right about the drummer. People do notice these things. If we see a drummer and hear the drums and they are not together it takes away credibility from the piece. As for the narrative, I'm not sure exactly what was going on apart from that they didn't like the equations on the wall but it went over my head. Because you went for the 8mm look, the hand held shots were ok BUT only this time.

    2 music videos a month is quite an undertaking even if you were working full time on them BUT with your schedule it's possibly too much if you expect a worth while result each time. I'm not criticising your ambition, I'm just trying to be real about it. If this is a good example of your work then more thought into shots, story board etc. is needed.

    Hope this helps.

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    Nothing to add really. I was very frustrated that you bothered to sync the vocals but not the drums. The plot intrigued me but didn't deliver (I couldn't work out what the problem was or the resolution)
    Why was the bearded bloke gurning when outside.

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    Thanks so much for all the feedback. I must say I feel like a fool with the drums. It's not something I noticed (or ever do I guess). That's certainly a lesson learnt.

    In terms of varied shots I agree - I did not get enought coverage on the day. One of the band members had to leave early and they didn't want to re-schedule and I didn't insist so it was a rush job. This was telling to me when editing - I was hoping it would be enough to sustain itself for others, but it sounds like that was a fail too.

    I am dissapointed I didn't get the storyline across. The idea is the bearded guy is super frustrated because he can't solve this math equation. He tries and he tries, and it bugs him constantly. His friends are there to support him. He then figures it out with a simple change - ie, the writing was on the wall. He then celebrates it's completion. Any obvious misses that I could've added to convey that better?

    It's not two music videos per month, it's two videos. Music videos will be against the norm, and that will be one of the most complex shoots I do. It will likely be the only one I take on entirely myself. The next lined up is a dark comedy of a slightly autistic bill collector who takes things too literal on his collection calls and then plays a superhero/robinhood type character to try and retrieve the funds himself. The idea with that is to do 1 per month - alternating between one episode being in the collection office and the next him being the 'hero'. It's an idea I've been working on for a while now so hoping I can pull it off alright. I'm going to have fun putting it together either way and hope to make every episode better as I get a little better each time at piecing it together.

    So, hopefully some better luck here next time Thanks, and please more thoughts if possible.

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    I'd say the separate shots to the grimacing guy just confused me because I was trying to link that to the start of the video where it first happened. But obviously there wasn't really any link.

    The stereotype would be just screwing up the paper and throwing it in the overflowing bin - maybe you did that?

    There were far too many equations on the board, simple may have been better.

    You actually had an interesting plot at the start when the woman started singing and then the guy discovered the band in the living room - I was intrigued, but then you went off on your story, which didn't come across.

    I still reckon you could edit the track down by 45 seconds (it loses its interest after 2.30 anyway) and juggle some edits and rescue this.

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