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Thread: My little bit of rubbish grew a bit

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    Default My little bit of rubbish grew a bit

    Went to a music festival, stuck my arm in the air a few times and took some footage for the sake of it.

    Made something out of it because it's all good learning (see original post for footage )

    The festival orginisers saw it on Facebook and loved it, and asked me to do a promo for their next event.

    So I did, and here it is

    Generator Music Festival #10 - December 28th 2012 - 2nd January - YouTube

    They love this too, so now I get free tickets to the next festival and access to stages and bands so I can create something else from the event.

    It's a Brisbane festival, I live about 150km away, it's all good to have this kind of exposure.

    My little bit of rubbish keeps growing, and the lesson continues - don't ever be afraid to try something off your own bat and put yourself out there.

    You don't have to be brilliant to be appreciated, especially at a local level

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    Well done Stripe, It's great that you are getting recognised.

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    A lot of good pics in that. Did the organisers supply them?
    I thought it was a good job. Nicely paced. Advertised teh event. What more do you need?

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    Thanks, Yes Tim, the pics came from their facebook album.

    The organisers inquired about a promo, and said they would find music and pictures, but knowing what it's like to be an organiser, I used my initiative and downloaded the pics and found my own music, then threw the idea at them.

    That kind of thing gets appreciated a lot.

    I thought single images would be easy, but at one time there were 220 of them, all needed downloading, choosing, cropping, and organising into a flow (separate night from day, mood and message, and monitor radical changes in lighting, subject position etc). That stuff can get real boring.

    Next time I'll have footage from this event, so that will be a more fun project

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