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Thread: Film is getting around!!

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    Default Film is getting around!!

    Hi guys, just wanted to post and say that my latest doc is being featured at a few festivals next year, Amsterdam Official FilmFest and GrayMarkit film fest in New York City, just to name two, getting a review and write up in the official magazine too. If anyone wants to check the film out heres a link to it. Any feedback in more than welcome.

    Fillim (quality has been slightly degraded as I had to downsize the file to half the size in Gb to get it uploaded onto the site)

    Thanks, enjoy

    Mark B
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    I've only seen the first tens mins but I think it looks good. My only comment is the sound balance is a bit up and down between the music and the voices. I think the Voice over is very good but he is a professional.

    I do hope to watch the whole thing when I get chance as I do like reggae.

    Well done for getting this big project done.

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    thanks for you advice and help along the way, a few issues came up in early post which you and a few others on the site were very helpfull with. A big thanks to everyone

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    Remember us when you're famous!

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