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    Hi Guys

    I've been looking at compact dslr cameras and Sony NEX 5 and 7 seem to be at the top of my list currently.

    I tested the NEX 5 out at the weekend and was really impressed with the photos it took and comparing it to the ones i taken with the Canon 650d it looked alot better, same with the video which the focus work so much quicker.

    As i'm a Mac and Ipad user and the NEX5 video is AVCHD i can't put the video straight onto my Ipad and looks like I wont ever be able to unless I convert it on my mac.

    Can anyone recommend a got converter for my make and let me know if theirs any quality loss from doing it at all as this is the only problem i have with getting the NEX5....

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    Hi, I'm a NEX5 user . . . but I think the issue is more to do with Apple, rather than the camera-makers.... the format of video is all about getting the longest running-time with the least memory (esp as now camcorders are flash-memory.

    It's almost certain that Apple has killed Firewire, by charging PC makers for the chip that supports the Port . . . by preferring to keep that tech for themselves, without noticing that Apple doesn't make camcorders. Ho Hum.

    One benefit you should check is that the NEX is AF in movie-mode.

    Many here praise Vegas and the budget version v12 is fully featured, with probably all the features you could want . . . . and under 50 for the Production Suite (which includes Audio editor and a tutorial DVD), Should you add a budget PC (with quad cores!), this will cost you less than your next Mac update. . . . and you still have the Mac for other tasks.
    Vegas + PC accepts the movie files from NEX5 (mine are m2ts).

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    Hi vidmanners

    I suppose the issue would be more to invest in a good converter for my mac or a cheap pc.

    regarding the camera it self, I was advised that any lens can be attached to it with its converter? also can the video autofocus be turned off and camera autofocus?

    What was the main reason you picked the NEX 5 over others and is it your main video capturing device?


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    Hi cook69, ans in yr order . . .
    vegas is so cheap for the facilities, that you can get quite a good PC/Win to run it at overall lower cost (I was thinking), and having a second Computer gives you some extra "Flexability" - but I don't like Mac-prices.
    "Any lens" that's a bit sweeping, certainly there are Independent adaptors for almost any thread/bayonet. I'm in the process of adapting a leica-enlarging lens; using a manual NEX adaptor and a NEX set of extension tubes. (Not got all the bit yet)....It's to digitise my slides, hopefully.
    Yes, standard zoom (just 3:1) can be used Manually in video-mode, but Sony logic is odd - you get an enlarged view before filming (so you can lose the subject...Arrgh), but its live-view size when filming. I've made a magnifier/viewer/shade for use outdoors (but often forget it!!), and this enables you to get the focus right. eg when using a 200mm lens. (=300mm equiv).
    Whilst it has a Manual focus "effect" using the front ring, it's not what I call Manual focus . . . since there is no scale and you have to "hunt" to find the focus point. With a "proper" manual lens you get a Scale and can (with difficulty) preset the focus points (eg in a action scene where the actors will keep to their Marks).
    I had a short trial in a Sony shop and the playback (transferred to memory stick) was so sharp I thought I'd gone outside, despite the limitations of my shop-door camerawork. Also the crop-factor being 1.5 and the Reports on NEX's quality (See Computer Shopper) suggested this was particularly good value.

    Sony make an Auto adaptor to use their DSLR lens range, it's pretty pricey and may have limitiations, but if you have the lenses (or can buy a broken-sensor DSLR), it might be worth the cost.

    I know there are others who love their chosen kit, but another bonus I've discovered is the Audio is particularly good (just as well, as Sony doesn't have External Skt. although technically they could!). . . . . and I should add the basic zoom is silent in AF - but there is no Power-Zoom feature . . . but Real filmmakers don't zoom, do they??? I'm not suggesting this beats proper mics, recorders etc, but I've used it for interviews Outdoors and in and it seems to convey the msg.

    Downsides: the 3:1 zoom means I have to get closer (but this improves the audio). The lens range is confused and overlapping, Independents have made more of the same IMHO. Also the basic lens doesn't go close.

    I've been offered a second NEX5N with 3:1 zoom for under 400 - maybe tempted as a second camera, using all the bits I have already - but I want a different colour to make sure I know which is which. (eg Silver, as mine is Black).

    I have only this for movie use which represents 95% of use . . . it was to learn the craft and put my old Nikon SLR lenses to better use . . . but I have to say the 3:1 zoom is surprisiingly in use, probably 80% of the time. I've made some AVCHD movies (like BlueRay) and they display very well, but not everyone can play BD. - -- + It was my cheapest option, the final confirmation.
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