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Thread: Software to Auto detect PAUSES in video - and remove?

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    Default Software to Auto detect PAUSES in video - and remove?

    Hey guys, great day isn't it??

    I'm wondering ifthere's a video editing software which has the ability to detect all pauses/dead air in avideo recording and then let you remove them? And is there a customizable pausemillisecond time that a person could set between all non dead air clips?
    ie: say I have a 10min clip with 5 occurrences ofpauses that are 10s, 15s, 15s, 20s, and 8s long.. Could it detect all of themand have me input a millisecond length value to remain and delete the rest ofthe dead air?
    So if I input 200milliseconds, all of those 5 second+ long pauses would be removed, but insteadof removing all of the dead air, it would let 200ms of my pause time remain inthe video.

    This would be a bigtime savings for me with video editing

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    What video editing software do you currently use? Mac, PC, freeware or commercial?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimAndrews View Post
    What video editing software do you currently use? Mac, PC, freeware or commercial?
    Hi Tim!
    I don't have any video software currently so that's why I'm looking around too. I used to have VideoCam suite for my Panasonic cam, but I lost the software for it and haven't been able to find it online:(

    Any ideas on what would be a good software package to purchase to do what I mentioned originally?

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    If your camera shoots at 25 frames per second. The smallest or shortest clip you can have is 1/25th of a second ie one frame this is way short of your target of 200ms for normal video. Only a highly specialised high speed camera could shoot at the rates your looking for.

    As for doing this sort of thing automatically I have no clue.

    What problem are you trying to solve ?

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    If it is DV then Senalyzer had a scene detection option for capture

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    I did not know of any software which includes this function. And I suspect that fully automating the task may not be always entirely successful.
    In addition to setting the lead in and out times (your 200ms), and defining the minimum period of silence (your 5s); you should also expect the set the dB at which your consider a 'pause'. Otherwise, a small amount of background noise might not be considered to be a 'pause'. Even then, on playback, you could be left with a 'click' type of sound between the clips.

    In effect, unless you had thousands of these incidents; I am not sure how useful an automated system would be. As MB asked; what problem are you trying to solve?

    I believe most Video editing software applications (e.g. Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere) allow the User to view the waveform of the audio. If an automatic pause locator system is not available, it may be straightforward to manually find the 'pauses' by looking at the waveform; then simply using the standard tools to cut and delete the relevant audio/video track.

    Have you tried using Google to searching for 'detecting silence in video'? I see there are some applications, including one which uses Adobe Audition.

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