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Thread: How to gain views/subscribers at youtube! [ The good way - No money/bots included]

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    Default How to gain views/subscribers at youtube! [ The good way - No money/bots included]

    Hi All,

    I wanted to make this post because i recently started my own youtube channel. And I was searching for the best way of gaining subscribers and views.
    But I have my principals and i really want to grow in a good, fair way.

    I have a few useful tips i want to give to you guys:

    1) Do not pay for subscribers/viewers
    2) Do not use community support ( For example they ask 60% of your income if you're a new youtuber but they help you get views really fast at the start of your youtube-carreer. But you lose in the long run. )
    3) Make some content you want to make yourself, do it because you like doing it, don't do it for the $$$
    4) Make it personal ( Loads of different ways you can personalize your channel )
    5) Do some research on youtube itself, loads of guides/tutorials/tips that can help you gain subs/viewers
    6) Try not to use copyright music. Try to co-operate and use music of other beginning youtubers. ( ask permission first ) This Creates your own network and community and that way both will grow faster.
    7) This is my own opinion: " Don't allow any adds to show up on your videos if your a beginning youtuber. People are quickly irritated of those commercials and will just go away of your channel. Only use adds if it's worth it and if you have more subscribers"
    Message people that have something in common with your own channel and ask Box 4 Boxing.

    I also would like to say that i'm looking for starting youtubers to work together. I'm looking for people that make their own music, Dubstep, Hiphop, DnB.. Anything, if you are interested just message me @ youtube:

    There is one person that really helped me with this and that is "Athenewins" at youtube. I've been a subscriber to him for 2-3 years now and he made a really good guide on how to gain subscribers.
    Here is the video: Really worth checking it out!



    Give it a Like, Leave a Comment or maybe even subscribe I hope i helped you guys with these few tips.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jorritne View Post
    Message people that have something in common with your own channel and ask Box 4 Boxing.
    I am sorry. What does that mean?
    I am sure your post is full of sensible suggestions, but may I ask how successful you have been? I think your list of recommendations could be extended.

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    Box for Boxing basically gets explained in the video of Athene. On youtube you have an option to put featured channels on your Youtube Frontpage. So if you want to work together with someone you just put their channel on your homepage. In return they do the same thing for you. That way people get connected through eachother channels. Both of you could even mention eachothers channel in your videos....
    That's a good way to exchange subscribers/viewers.
    And obviously this suggestion list could be extended.. you can make a nice youtube background, post on forums and many more stuf.
    These are the ones i think are most important. Athene even explains in his video how you can get 100 of subs a day by just networking and not even post a video online.

    And the other question about my succes... Well i just started last week, posting videos, editing, posting on forums.. I've got 9 subs right now and around 400 views in total..
    Ofcourse it gets slower then if you buy some views or subs.. but i don't mind.

    I get satisfied if i do it the Legit way

    Hope i helped you

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    Nice Post dude.We can also increase viewers with the help of social media marketing.

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    OMG, how about you create a product, and if it's popular you will be a success?

    Too retro for you?

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    without ad's your videos will surely some research on how videos get ranked

    most people use adblockers or watch from ad free embedded sites, the good income from youtube vanished years ago

    going by your socialblade I see you may need to change direction real fast

    my best advice is take advice from youtubers who have a proven channels and long term succes
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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