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Thread: 24 hours to make a commercial......

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    Default 24 hours to make a commercial......

    So in my video 2 class, my teacher told us we had 24 hours to make a video commercial that could be shown at lip sync. I took one of my old video ideas, changed it up (a lot), found actors, got my camera, borrowed our old, school mascot, and shot and edited this video. Let me know what you think and how I could improve it? There are things that I would have done differently if I had more time, but my actors were available for less than an hour and I only had a single camera. Be critical of it though? Thanks!

    (btw, I shot it using a jvc hd 100 and edited using avid media composer 6)

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    The only thing I can say is use a tripod.

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    Let me know what you think and how I could improve it?

    I thought for a short commercial you did a great job of this. Short Sharp and Straight to the point. Well thought out and edited even though you had one camera. And produced in 24 hours.

    I watched a few times and could not see how you could improve this. The ending was a totally unexpected surprise. Very funny. Loved the Tiger outfit. Brilliant! And with commercials if you can make them short like this and comical, and make the audience laugh you have a successful production.

    Sorry but I cannot comment on how you could improve this, though others here may spot something I missed. Great Job. Well Done.

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    Agree with the others about the plot. Both the entrance and the roar of the tigr came as a surprise - two shocks in a very short film is good going. The characters were immediately likable and believable. Sound was captured well and I liked the sound effects. Music was great but i did wonder whether it should stop (or change) as the tiger attacks and then start with an up tempo rock track (like a jingle) after the roar.

    Tripod. Bit of wood. Bag anything to stabilize the camera is a must.

    Being picky:
    41secs is rather long for a standard commercial. Keeping this to the standard 20 or 30 sec slot would have the benefit of forcing you to tighten it up which you could easily do without losing anything - indeed it would increase the impact.

    Some shots seemed to last on the screen for an eternity (in advert terms) - the second shoy is 10 seconds long! I'd have liked to have seen a wider variety of shots breaking these up. Everything is a two shot - where are the close ups of the faces? The ECU of him putting a Dorito in his mouth?

    This is an advert, so the product needs to be much more prominent (ECU of hand going into Doritos bag enables this as well as moves the story along)

    I dont know what grading facilities you have access to but the whole image looked rather dull whereas the product and the story called out for a full of colour over saturated fun look.

    Clothing: They were in colours which contrasted with the product (good) but the clothes had busy patters and writing/slogans on them - this is distracting (and, of course, potentially advertises other products) - just something to watch out for.

    Hope you find that useful.

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    Yeah, I should have used a tripod. My dream would be to buy a glidecam or something like youtube user "Devinsupertramp" uses in his videos to help study my shots.

    Sorry about some of the shots lasting a long time. I had less than an hour to get all of my footage so what you saw were the "best" shots that I had...

    I found my actors an hour before I shot the commercial, and the girl has never been in a video before haha... What they were wearing was the best I could get. In addition, if you watch closely you'll find a continuity error... the doritos bag changes direction between shots at the beginning. I did this on purpose so that they doritos would face the screen in the second half of the video and forgot to reshoot the opening scene that way.

    Thanks and glad you enjoyed the video.

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