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    Hey there forum,

    Just wanted to share this behind the scenes video a friend made whilst shooting my short film Driftwood. Although I cringe every time I'm on the screen, he has done an amazing job of documenting the 4 day shoot. This was the first time I have ever had any kind of budget as a director so there was certainly a steep learning curve but it was a great experience.

    As for the finished film: Midnight and Tim S have seen it already and been kind enough to give some constructive feedback. If any other forum regulars want a peek, send me a PM.


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    Hello Jim.

    This was positively excellent, and right up my street. You don't even see anything like this on the TV these days. The story line planning. camera work, and equipment WOW! The enthusiasm of the crew and cast was fantastic. I watched the movie on your Website. Brilliant Video Well done.. Got to go just going to watch it again.

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    Thanks for posting this Jim. I love behind the scenes/making of videos and this was especially good, I can tell it's a film maker, making a film for film makers, about film makers.

    I thought your reaction to the over head swimming scene was especially funny as it was the same as mine when I first saw it.

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    Cheers guys - ill pass the comments onto my friend Jamie who made the video. Glad you enjoyed it!
    Driftwood - Available on iTunes -

    Follow me on twitter - @DirectorJWebber

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