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Thread: Help! Really strange noise, I don't know what to do! :(

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    Question Help! Really strange noise, I don't know what to do! :(


    I've been looking for an answer but I could't find any. The point is that I hsve an AVI clip, and at some point this kind of noise (see pic) start and its almost impossible to see stc. I've tried several filters (field swap, deinterlacing, and so on) with no success, actually I don't even know what kind of noise it is...

    Do you have any clue about what's happening and what to do??

    Thank you so much for your help!!!!
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    That isn't noise that image is totally gone. Corrupt recording for what ever reason. There isn't enough information there to really call it an image with noise. I can only think there was some strong interference from some magnetic field like a dodgy phone. Electric pylon etc. If it was recorded on a tape it could have been any number of mechanical reasons.

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    Thank you anyway!!

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