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Thread: Manchester UK anyone ?

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    Default Manchester UK anyone ?


    On reading the forums I see there is a lot of talent out there, I have a question. How often do you all meet up in the real world as opposed to cyberspace ? I know it is easier to upload videos to youtube to share with your fellow members but how about showing them on a large screen in a small cinema ? Entering competitions can help you improve your video techniques and with constructive feedback help you produce better quality films. Have you ever wanted to film using a green screen but not able to afford the studio hire costs ? I am a member of a video club in Manchester than can give you all of these advantages and much more including help with editing, group filming, and talks from visiting experts. We meet every Wednesday at 8pm, full details including a calendar of events can be found at We are in easy commuting distance of Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

    Hope to see you there


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    Here is (maybe) a good platform to attract New Members, but most folk (here) are scattered . . . However, your Music creation night looks interesting - Will it be posted for us to watch, afterwards perhaps?

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