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Thread: Buying today - 60D vs 600D

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    Default Buying today - 60D vs 600D

    Hi, another one of these x vs y threads. But I've been watching specs, videos, forums etc... for over a week now. today is the day and I just can't stress myself to make the choice.

    I want to film mostly yoyo videos, I want to start on music videos and short movies, learn to do that. I already have a camcorder which is a Canon Legria HFM 306, and I also have a go pro. We'll be 2 people filming, the other one is about to get himself a nikon 800D and he has already very good lenses. However I'm set on Canon.

    the budget difference is of no matter between those two DSLR. The first lens I'm getting will be the canon 35mm f2 to get as close as 50mm as possible (with the crop sensor), then probably some wider stuff 22mm and shorter.

    here is one feature that really makes the choice difficult, the 600D 3x digital zoom
    but the 60d viewfinder and 9x AF points are also something to consider.
    also, I often shoot outside for a long time and the 600D battery seems not to last nearly as long as the 60D

    I'm a little more leaning towards the 60D tho, mostly for the build quality and viewfinder features, mostly for the longer battery life. On the other hand, the 600D seems to be really made with filming in mind.

    this will be mostly used for filming as I already have a nikon D80 for photography right now (these things are good but hard to sell now, a little too old)

    I'll head out and get it today (or at least order it, availability will ultimately make the choice for me if necessary) so I'd appreciate if you could take some time and reply as soon as you can, if you can't, no biggie, I'll still make a choice.


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    600D it is, with an extra battery
    it seems overall more video friendly and the idea of a 3x quality digital, butter smooth zoom paired with quality lenses just makes for more creative possibilities, especially for a DSLR. I'll work around the AF point, and I'll be in manual AF most of the time anyway.

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    I'm not a canon user BUT from what I've read they are virtually the same camera. I think one has a flip out screen, this might be the feature that would sell it for me.

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    The longer your battery lasts - the less chance of frustration.

    Celestial Vision - Wedding Videos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    I'm not a canon user BUT from what I've read they are virtually the same camera. I think one has a flip out screen, this might be the feature that would sell it for me.
    both actually have it. I went crazy on a couple of M42 vintage lenses today, I had leftover money, spent hours on the internet to get a clue on what to get for a fair price, got Takumar SMC 22mm F3.5 and Takumar 50mm F1.4 along with adapters. I can't wait to use these along the 3x digital zoom ^^
    Also got a very cheap other 29mm F2.8, just to see what's an average/random old lens is about, from what I've read and watched here and there, those takumar lenses seem to be of fairly decent quality for filming.
    for the battery, just ordered an extra one, if it's not enough, I'll order one more. it's really no big deal, I'm only shooting short scenes anyway

    Next week, I'll go filter shopping, I still have some 52mm from my old nikon, but I'm not sure those lenses take 52mm (I believe the 50mm 1.4 takes 49mm filters)

    I can't wait, man, I can't wait, I'm FINALLY getting a DSLR.

    Still keeping my good ole trusty canon for moving shots or 1080p slow motion, hopefully it can at least pretend to keep up.

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    I've seen you produce some nice images with your Canon. Rather than getting new filters could you get a step-up/down ring.

    Well happy shooting, I hope to see the footage soon.

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    Hi, what do you call a step-up/down ring?

    you'll see the footage very soon for sure, i'll be playing with it a lot. But it may take me maybe a couple of months to get comfortable with it and really do something worth watching. I feel I'll have to learn everything over again. but i'm excited about it!

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    This is a step up ring CLICK ME. It's for changing the filter size of your lens.

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    oh alright, yea, those seem cheaper than actual new filters, I'll use that, thanks for the heads up!

    I've been rocking my gradient filter like crazy doing photography and it was always frustrating not to have these to use with my camcorder, and given the built in optics, I didn't even want to try buying some for it. But yea, to me, DSLR means experimenting. I have very little to no academical knowledge anyway (this will surely come later down the road, just as it did with music, but first I have to feel comfortable expressing myself naturally with the given instrument, then the theory will help me connect the dots and move on to the next level), I just want to touch the thing, rotate the dials and make the images with my own hands. I'm really a tactile type of person, even doing music, I need the feel of vintage instruments, wood, strings, hammers, heavy keyboards and slightly out of tune instruments, this is what inspires me. and it was really lacking on that camcorder. Which was great because it forced me to look for inspiration much harder and in the end, it prepared me for the step I'm taking today. It feels like the right time to me to upgrade my equipment because I can see more clearly the kind of use I want to make of it, I'm ready for the challenge (DSLR ergonomy doesn't really seem up to par with dedicated camcorders). Hopefully this setup will last me at least another couple of years, by then I hope I'll be starting to make a name for myself as an amateur film maker. I have so much left to learn, but the more I do it, the more I'm comfortable with the visual media, it's incredibly challenging and demanding, but I like how it goes along with the audio I'm so familiar with and how both compliment each other.

    It really has been a long time coming and I've been dreaming about this moment, when I feel that I'm finally starting to learn how to make films, tell stories with images as well as with music, it's been almost 15 years since I first started thinking about it and since then, I've always been working towards that goal, which led me to many incredible experiences and ways through my life.

    for many of you, it may not seem like much, but this step really means the world to me, I worked hard for a long time towards this, the money is not the kind of money I'm used to spend on anything else than music maybe, and not anymore (well, I already have the equipment of my dreams there and they never made anything better during the last 50 years or so, so I guess I'm all set there).

    I can't wait to get to grips with this stuff and I'm sure that it'll make the world of a difference (really, whenever I can touch the controls and operate them mechanically, it really transforms what comes out radically), I can't wait to show you. no more excuses now, I have what I need, and then some.

    it's so exciting !

    PS: I almost forgot to thank you guys and videoforums for having such an outstanding community, it's very uncommon to have so many friendly people together in visual/graphic arts oriented communities. I usually stay away from photo/video forums, but this one is one I always recommend to others.
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    Make sure you use that obvious passion you have in your next video. It would be quite a challenge to make an emotionally charged video about Yoyos but not imposible.

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