Hey guys!

My name is Steven O'Brien. I'm a classically trained composer, and I'm currently looking to get into film composition. My compositional style ranges from large orchestral scores, to intimate ensemble pieces, to romantic or minimalistic solo piano works. I also plan to venture more into jazz, rock and folk music in the near future.

I've decided to release the majority of my music under a "Creative Commons attribution license", which means that my music can be freely downloaded and freely used in both commercial and non-profit projects, with the condition that credit is given to me. (More information about licensing is available on my FAQ.)

Here's my soundcloud page, which you can preview and download the music from: StevenOBrien's Spotlight page on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Most of the music is in a lossless, high quality FLAC format, however, I do provide MP3s for some pieces if your editing software, for some reason, doesn't support FLAC. If you do need an MP3, you can convert the FLAC using a program such as Audacity, or just contact me and I'll have an MP3 uploaded as soon as possible.

I'm also looking to do exclusive film scores in the future. If you like my music and you're interested in working with me, don't hesitate to email me at steven@steven-obrien.net . If you do contact me, please state upfront whether or not there will be compensation provided for the work. I will gladly work for free if your budget is extremely tight and I find your project interesting, but please understand that I cannot take on every unpaid offer that I receive.

Thanks for reading! I hope you find my music useful.