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Thread: Floating over Helsinki - Music Video:

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    Default Floating over Helsinki - Music Video:

    My first music video. Critical feedback and improvements please =)

    Bit problems with airplane noise, but still happy.

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    I've moved this from the Fan Video section which is really for people who edit "borrowed" footage. you should get more feedback here.
    I'm not a great fan of stills in video unless there's very good reason. Howeer I liked the not too strong movement yo added to the stills here.
    Inevitably they looked better than the video footage as they didn't have to contend with the movement of the plane.
    I wasn't too keen on all the jump cuts (this is where you cut between two virtually identical shots). To compress time perhaps a quick fade through black would have worked better (but then I'd have probably complained about that) I dunno. I probably simply wouldn't have used those shots (or at least that sequence).
    Watch out for auto exposure. Look at what happens at 0:19-0:21. And you've used jump cuts here! I think removing the middle one of these three shots woud look much better.

    EDIT: Oh I see you've already posted it in this section. I'cve deleted the other (as there were no comments)
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    I think Tim summed it up quite well. Is it visuals for your music track or was that really early New Order.

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    I agree a lot with what Tim said. The photos were my favourite part of the video, because the video didn't really add anything. I know it's hindsight, but probably could've gotten away better if all the video was focused on the pilot and bringing their experience to life, and then cutting to the photos of ariels around that. The editing would probably be more interesting if jumped around to different shots and maybe held them a little longer too. There wasn't much connection while watching and must admit found myself skipping ahead. Very nice looking photos there though.

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