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    Hello Community,

    Befor I start writing this topic, I would like to make one thing clear: Even though I just signend in, I m not one of those who just post
    a video and then never come back again. Thats not my style I was looking for a great english forum and i guess i ll be happy here.

    Now, I recently spent my whole time on creating an idea for a competition. Then I spent a lot of time trying to implent this idea.
    I tried to use all my tools I have for my DSLR camera to make the clip look professional. I worked with lights, perspectives, different locations. Afterwards I composed the music and created the noises.

    The competition is german but my Clip is quite simple to get, cause there are no dialogues in it. Its about drive assistance and I ve chosen the sub-topic: "Emergency Break-Assistant". I tried to make a diffrent Clip than my competitors, I wanted it to be original and funny.

    I could win a very nice Internship in a Videoproduction. This would be an awsome expirience for me and a dream of mine.

    To have a chance to win this competition, I need to get votes. I dont like that system, but these are to rules!
    I would extraordinary appreciate it, to get your votes! And I thank you all for having taken your time to read this and to vote(:

    If there are any questions, please dont mind to ask!

    Hers the Clip:
    Bester Beifahrer Filmwettbewerb - Film

    Many Greetings(:

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    I never vote for people in these types of competitions - especially from a first time poster. But I did in this case!
    I thought you did a great job through from storyboard to post.
    The only shot I didn't like was at 0:35. Poorly composed. in stark contrast to the rest.
    Goo luck.

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    I agree with Tim you did a great job with this. I never noticed the shot that Tim mentioned so it can't be that bad.

    I took a look at some of the other videos and the competition is touch but you stand a chance.

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    @tim Stanard: Thank you very very much! I appreciate it(: I feel honered
    What would you have done different?

    @midnight blue: thank you too! Yeah it is...but what I dislike is that people are cheating! Look at the one who is
    on the first place; he got over 3000 Votes in 2 days and not even 300 watched it...and the video isnt that stunning.
    Those people prevent good clips from having a chance to win.

    I would know how to cheat, but I want to get my votes on a legal way! I hope the judges will see that something is going
    worng with some clips

    Anyway; thank you guys for voting. And I hope for some other votes (:


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    I wouldn;t worry about it. Winning a competition like that is unlikely as there are always people who have dubious ways of getting votes. What matters is getting your work "out there", appreciated and receiving constructive criticism.

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