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Thread: Weird render results!?!?!

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    Default Weird render results!?!?!

    I am experimenting with some effects, but I am having big problems.

    Basically the finished rendered video is completely different from what I have been working on.

    You can see it's completely different.In the first one there are just some bubbles moving in the center and in the second one....the same only more bubbles.

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    Just a long shot but you could try setting the pixel formate in the project properties to 8 bit in stead of 32. Some FXs and plug-ins don't support 32 bit floating point processing.

    If thats not the issue we will need all you original footage/project/rendering info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Just a long shot but you could try setting the pixel formate in the project properties to 8 bit in stead of 32. Some FXs and plug-ins don't support 32 bit floating point processing.

    If thats not the issue we will need all you original footage/project/rendering info.

    I tried it.That wasn't the problem. ^_^
    I still can't figure it out,I don't think the original video is very important basically i choose it at random and applied a bunch of effects to get what I wanted to.
    First I used mirror to try and create a sort of kaleidoscopic image than added some Rays and Blurs,Glows....

    I added the files in a archive and uploaded them so if anyone wants to take a look...

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    I have been thinking, and my PC isn't any high performance machine.I have had rendering time problems in the past, for example I had to wait couple of days for couple of minutes.
    No usually I have this problem when I use many Effects. Is it possible that the reason why the rendered video is so different from what I have been working on because of the resources of my PC.

    In other words is it possible that the performance of my PC modified the end results.Maybe it can't handle so many effects and so it just....simplified it?
    Although I personally never experienced or heard this before, I knew that performance can alter the time it takes to render drastically not that it might modify the end result.


    Sorry for Double Posting.

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    A couple of days for a couple of mins video. What are you using, a net book ?

    I don't know if thats possible. I think it might be an idea to upload the veg file for me to have a look at.

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    Yep, Laptop. LOL

    But, actually I have tried on a desktop PC as well.Same results.
    I have uploaded all the files on the previous post.If you only want the veg file I think I can upload that too.

    I uploaded the veg file just in case.

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    That's an interesting idea to use the mirror effect to make the abstract images.

    When I opened the project in Vegas the first video event was fine but the subclip was blank. Did you have trouble with both clips or just the sub clip ? It may be that I need the original named clip to be able to see the sub clip but no matter I guessed it was the first clip that had been reversed.

    The observations I made are that the project properties do not match the clip properties. You are using the 1080/60i template but the clip is 1080/30p (29.970 progressive). Also the resolution isn't set right as the clip is 1440 x 1080 which means the pixel aspect ratio in the project properties should be set to 1.3333 (HDV 1080). Although these are set wrong I doubt that is your problem but it can't help. I rendered it to a .wmv and it seemed to come out as expected, it took 20 mins by the way.

    I can only assume there is some sort of issue on your laptop. This could be anything form a bad CODEC to a graphics drive or anything really so I wouldn't want to hazard a guess at the exact cause of your problem.

    I could upload it to YouTube for you to check that the result I got is the one you are looking for if you want.

    I like your idea and hope you don't mind if I borrow the idea for one of my projects.
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    Yes, the subclip was just the reverse of the original, used a dissolve transition to try and make it "flow" it's not blank for me so it might be something with changed file names or something.I had trouble with both clips the end rendered result wasn't the same.I mean I had no trouble while editing, only the rendering.

    Thank you very much for taking a look, I am not home right now so I don't have access to my files but I will check as soon as I get home.
    It might be my laptop....will have to see.

    Ehm...well if you want and have time you could upload the video since I never actually got to see how the end product looks like, lol.

    I don't mind, it's not like I invented Mirror plug-in Experiment.

    Thank you, I really appreciate the effort.
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    Here it is. Don't forget it's blank at the begining.

    life - YouTube

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    Yep, it's nice

    I think the problem is my laptop....well actually I'm certain.So I guess I Will either take my edited stuff to friends or will have to buy new PC.

    Anyway thanks for all your help mate

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