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Thread: is a AMD quad 2.1 fast enough for AVCHD?

  1. Default is a AMD quad 2.1 fast enough for AVCHD?

    is a AMD quad 2.1 fast enough for AVCHD?
    (Ive been offered one cheap and it will save my macbook pro).
    I will use*Magix movie edit pro 17 plus*to edit.

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    Plenty of PCs are dual-core, so you're ahead - but check with the Software Requirements, just in case.
    The effect of more processor power will be to improve Render times . . but you can help by not using excessivly fancy transitions/effects. yet even if the anticipated time is several hours, you can go for a Walk, or leave it running overnight.

    If it's a gift then accept, but for pure power I guess a six - or eight-core would be preferred. Some software can benefit from the GPU, so that's another possibility, but those graphics cards are rather specific.

    If you've not bought the software, consider Vegas Studio 12, as I understand the 32-bit "studio" version is able to run on 64-bit OS and take advantage of the extra memory - seems to contradict the Rules; but maybe worth checking out.

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    Thats helpful thanks.
    I looked at ebay and a pc re-build is going to be cheaper.
    I will checkout that software

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