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Thread: Re-positioning tracking point [AE

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    Default Re-positioning tracking point [AE

    I'm working with Optical Flares now for After Effects. I can't trace a light, so I'm tracing a point next to it. Now I want to replace the tracking point to the light, so all X and Y position should be moved relatively. I can't figure it out, and I don't want to up scale my flare.

    The attached image will explain it best.
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    I think you are wanting to use the data from the Tracker of one object, to move the position of another object which is always the same distance (in pixels) apart. Might this be done using an Expression. For example, if I had a layer with a motion tracker and an effect (e.g. Lens flare); and I wanted the Flare's centre to be 100 pixels away; then this kind of Expression might work when applied to the 'Flare Centre' values for that effect.

    motionTracker("Tracker 1")("Track Point 1").featureCenter+100

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    Thanks, but I'm not understanding the expressions entirely.

    When I enter that line I get an error and the expression is disabled. [After Effects warning: Class 'Group' has no property or method name 'Tracker 1'. Expression Disabled.]

    And that line doesn't make it clear to me where it adds the 100. X dimension, Y dimension? Let's say I need it to be relocated to 100 pixels to the right, and 50 to the top. Here's more or less how I've set up my Composition

    LAYER | White Solid 1 | Layer with the flare.
    LAYER | Null 1        | Target of the "Tracker 1"
    LAYER | 00-18-15.mp4  | Original footage, tracked a point in this video ("Tracker 1")

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    I am sorry. I am not an expert in this subject; and I recommend reading more using them. I have not tested this, (and am not sure I understand why you are using "Null 1") but this example may make more sense:
    thisComp.layer("00-18-15.mpg").motionTracker("Tracker 1")("Track Point 1").featureCenter+[100,50]

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    Thanks Tim. Well, as a web programmer first and video editor second, this is an interesting combination to me. I have found that the following works for me:
    thisComp.layer("Null 1").transform.position+[270,-10]

    I am using "Null 1" as a result of the tutorial I followed. I'm really doing this for the first time, as you might notice.

    The expression you gave me did indeed replace the tracking point, but it kept it a fixed point throughout the scene.

    Thanks for your help!

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