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Thread: Did a little color correction,Need your suggestions.

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    Cool Did a little color correction,Need your suggestions.

    Software:-Vegas Pro 11.0

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    When you do this sort of work you need to bear in mind what the video is about so this example if it was an opening shot for a horror movie, I'd say it was right BUT if it's a nature video I'd say it is too dark. If you look at the trees at the back you have lost a lot of the detail.

    I don't know if that helps.

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    I was about to wonder about MB's comment, but then I looked again and noticed that 'After' was on the left side.

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    OP says this is an example of Colour Correction - but as others have hinted, it looks like "darker". That might be good if it's to take Titles (white/pale letters), but again as others have hinted...we should be told the purpose of the sequence.

    I tend to under-expose in the camera (to preserve highs) and then adjust in Edit if necessary, but oddly it usually isn't necessary.
    FWIW, in Vegas Studio I drop the brightness (strictly "Opacity)", it's a simple "pull-down" for the duration of titles, so the text shows clearly . . . it's almost like the Text is whiter than white (only it isn't of course). No more than 10%, so it really doesn't show.
    Focus...been watching Sarah Beeny's prog on home improvement - where the Bullet-points are displayed against a Still that's defocussed. It certainly looks to make the text more important, but I'm not sure the defocus isn't excessive. [Channel Four, if interested].

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