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Thread: Making space!!! Premiere 6

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    Default Making space!!! Premiere 6

    I've posted this question before, and I apologize if it's a stupid question (and I appreciate the help I've received so far... video editing rocks, I'm so excited )

    Is there a way that I can open up a space in my video of... say, 4 seconds for example, and automatically move everything else in my project ahead by 4 seconds. It's rather a pain in the downunder to move each clip manually and to also try to realign my audio (which doesn't always line up at the beginnings and ends of the clips (overlap).)...




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    Ooops! forgot to reply!

    explains all. I've written a better guide with piccies, but can't find it :-(
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    Woohoo!!!! Thanks a million mark. This (as I thought) is a super simple solution and it is easy to use. Right on! It also introduced me (in a roundabout way) to several other commands and tools that I didn't know of...

    Thanks man!

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