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Thread: Half Life 2 Zombies In My House !!! [Short Action Film]

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    Talking Half Life 2 Zombies In My House !!! [Short Action Film]

    Hi guys
    i made a video using After effects with some half life 2 zombies and stuff ...
    *the language in the video is Hebrow but you will get the idea

    I hope you like it

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    I think you did a good job with this. The only weak point is the little bit of live sound that there is doesn't sound very good when it's mixed with the rest of the Foley.

    But in general I think you did well.

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    thank you

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    Haha! Nice one!

    It was quite satisfying seeing the zombies getting pulped. The action worked really well for those bits.

    I thought it was nicely filmed, but I think to improve you need to make the zombies look less like CGI. You actually did that with the one that was walking on long legs at 01:14 as the lighting was consistent. The camerawork was really neat (liked the follow focus) so I'd say you can crack it. Using filters, shade and point of view shots (from inside infrared lenses, etc) is probably the say to go when you're on a budget with animations. The shot at 01:49 is almost there.

    Overall I enjoyed it and was glad you didn't shoot your friend at the end!
    Robert Martin Kelly
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    It's funny but kinda scary at the same time

    love the sound effects, nice work

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