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Thread: Question about which softwares might have been used

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    Question Question about which softwares might have been used

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question... If it's not, please, move it to the right place.
    I'm working on a video for the company I work, and I suggested I could do something like this video, from Google: Introducing the Chromebook - YouTube
    I've got some knowledge editing videos in After Effects and Sony Vegas, but I don't think they were the main video editor used for this one.
    Thank you and sorry for my bad English.

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    While you would need video editing software eventually, the first thing you would need is some sort of motion graphics program. (Which I know nothing about). If you have never done motion graphics before doing a video like this may be a bit ambitious for your first go.

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    I have done something like that... this video for a party: Integramateriais - Springbreak Edition! (HD) - YouTube . But I guess it's a different type of program and another type of animation... For this video I made, I've used some camera tricks. And also, used the plugin Sure Target and the Evolution collection. I don't really know how to start this project... Should I start mking some photoshop elements? But if so, how to animate them after that? They would be just static images. To animate it, it would take a looooooot of work and would never be like this video from google...
    Thanks for your help

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    I suspect G pid a high price for that animation. It struck me as an Advertisement right from the start, though being very much from the provider's POV . . . . but that's me, I guess.

    The panning and zoom effects are common enough in most animation software and a good (cheap) on to try is Anime Studio Debut (current v8 this is hardly expensive). It's intended for characters that have an attached skeleton - as the bones move according to complicated Rules, then the character moves more-or-less naturally.
    I found it too cartoon-like for my needs.

    Yet, it's a useful insight to animation and maybe something that all Media Students should do, so they understand the processes....
    Animating text could be dificult, but simple shapes work OK . . but this is an Intro-prog and the Makers "Smith" have far more advanced programs, where you can render in 3D (which may help to disguise any drawing failures)...but I don't know if you can export in 2D, don't see why not, although my interest was in 3D - However, the learing curve is steep and best suited to somone with time to develop their skills -

    Once skillful, I guess there is a good career path; if you have good ideas (this being IMPORTANT).
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    Thank you, I'm going to start learning about that

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    Default | AllThe.TV is the production company that produced the google chromebook commercial, perhaps you can find out something from their website. Also, look at Cinema 4D. not sure if this is what you need, but I know it's used for a lot of animated objects and texts.

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