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    Default Premiere Pro, zooming, track matte

    I knew how to do this in Premiere 6.5, using the titler and motion, but I can't figure it out in Premiere Pro. I looked at tutorials here and cannot seem to extrapolate what I need from them--because I'm a dweeb.javascript:emoticon('')

    V1- I have a clip.
    V2- I have a clip.
    V3- I want to make a zooming circle track matte from 0-off the screen (like a camera shutter opening, like an old movie opening).

    So that the image inside V2 will show through the V3 circle, with the surrounding image to be from V1, which will gradually be "eaten up" by the ever-expanding circle that will contain the image from V2.

    I know that this is an easy effect, and I've managed only to frustrate myself with Premiere Pro. Will someone please help me or point me in the right direction? thank you.

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    First of all, you need to create your "zooming" circle. you can create it on ppro title. just do a white or black circle (that will be your track matte). Then, put it on V3, keyframe it's motion and turn off the visibility of this video track.

    Now, go to the effects palette, chose Keying and drop the track matte key on V2. Open the options of this plugin and you need to "tell" it that your track matte is on V3 (i'm not sure, but i think that is the first option of track matte key).

    And, by this time, it should be working... or not!

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    Lum was asking on my behalf. Thanks Lum!

    I could swear I've done everything you've listed, had done before Lum posted the question... and yet it doesn't work.

    I have

    1) the background image, the lens opening slowly, on video line 1
    2) the image I want to show in the opening on video line 2
    3) my matte, created in titler, on line 3.

    The matte is keyframed both for scale, and a little bit to correct position, and for opacity. It's an expanding white circle. When I turn off video line 2, and play just lines 1 and 3, it looks as though the lens is opening perfectly to a white background. So far so good.

    Then I turn on line 2. I drop the track matte key on top of it, and indicate it should look to video line 3. I go up and click off the eye next to video line 3 on the track matte, and hit play.

    What I get is the lens opening... and a static circle on top of it, that never changes it size. Through this static circle, I can see video 2. Clearly, the, the track matte key is working to let me see video line 2. What's not taking hold is the keyframing. Instead of starting small, and getting larger, the circle I created in the titler stays at exactly the size I originally created it at, and does not get smaller or larger depending on where it is in time.

    I've obviously missed a step in here with how to control keyframing -- at least, this is my best guess, but I just don't understand what it is. The keyframing works fine when it's a white circle that's expanding when it runs along with line 1 -- it's when I try to bring video line 2 and make the matte transparent that it all falls apart. Is there some way I'm supposed to be applying the keyframing to video line 2?


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    When you've created your track matte the way you want it in v3 copy it. Then open a new sequence, paste the matte into sequence 2, v1.

    Go back to sequence 1 and delete your track matte in v3, and move sequence 2 into it's place, it should work from there.


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    Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.

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    No problem.


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    Yay! And thank you!

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