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    Hi all,

    This has probably been answered / asked before but I couldn't see a thread anywhere.

    I'm working on a project in Premiere Pro CS6 yet each time I do an effect and try to render it, it takes so long...even for short clips of about 5 seconds long, it takes over 40 minutes to render it.

    All the original clips are on an external hard drive, and the project is also saved on the external hard drive, so just wondering if this would affect rendering times at all?

    Otherwise is there anything else that I could try?


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    Yes, it could be a big factor if the data on the external drive has to go down a USB cable, that will be a slower transfer of data than if it was on an internal drive but it's not as black and white as that. Having a disk drive that is more than 75% full will slow things down. If the data is fragmented it will also slow things down. Even the internal infrastructure of the computer (which I don't understand) can make a difference. I understand the size of the drives even have a factor, a 2Tb disk could be slower than a 500 Gb size. The speed of the disk spin etc..........

    So there are many possible factors, also the type of effect you are using will determine the rendering speed. For example if you have some sort of de-noise effect it can take ages to render but if you just tweak the contrast it's not as bad

    Getting to your particular issue 40 mins to render a 5 second clip, unless you are using a netbook, is toooooooo slow. I would take a look at doing all sorts of factors to improve this. I would start with reducing the amount of background processes going on. Do all the computer house keeping you can. etc.....

    The ideal set up is one internal drive for the operating system and programs and a separate internal drive for your media files. As this isn't always possible then look at the factors I've mentioned.

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