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Thread: My DIY slider.

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    Default My DIY slider.

    Hi all,

    Put a little movie together using my DIY slider for the first time.

    Sister-in-law's car a better subject than the sister-in-law in my opinion!!!

    Slider - YouTube



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    Well you seem to have covered all the angles. I'm sure some bright spark will tell you it looked a bit jerky. I'd like to see them use a home made slider for the first time and make it look as smooth as silk.

    Well done.

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    Thanks.I noticed the slight stutter. Might need a little lubrication. What was that stuff you put on the door handles to stop the kids coming in, Vaseline wasn't it?


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    Even if you bought a slider, you'd still need practice to get the look perfect. As with most things in our hobby, it normally takes time to perfect technique. Assuming your homemade slider is up to the job, I suggest that you find a position that's comfortable for you. You'll find that holding in a certain way makes it easier to achieve the intended "glide". You'll also work out which types of shots / composition provide the best results. You'llthen be armed with a great technique in your tool kit to use when appropriate.

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    Thanks Marc,

    Yes, I agree that it takes practice as you can see. The slider is still in its' 'R & D' stage but I take on board your comments. Thanks for looking at my movie.


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