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Thread: Black Bars - Widescreen Effect Gone Wrong

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    Default Black Bars - Widescreen Effect Gone Wrong

    Hi, I have a problem with my video not turning out the way I want.
    I have a video, captured with my mobile phone, 1280 x 720 (widescreen).
    I want "Widescreen black bars"on the top and bottom.

    Whenever I do this (by pushing the crop tool) it looks great in Sony Vegas.
    But when I look closer on the output movie/or upload it on youtube, I just end up with black bars, vertical as well!
    So thick bars (top & bottom), + some smaller black bars on the sides (vertical).
    picture in preview window:
    bars_help_preview_zps35c53cc3.jpg picture by bitsj - Photobucket
    picture youtube:
    bars_help_zps380f9e4a.jpg picture by bitsj - Photobucket

    What am I doing wrong here
    Sony Vegas Pro 11
    Other than that my settings are:
    Template: HDV 720-30p (1280x720; 29,970 fps) 32 bit (full range)Video event: Only "loop" and "disable resample" are marked.Rendering as: 6mbs HD 720-30p Video

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    When you open the pan/crop tool turn off the lock aspect ratio button, leave the size about centre button selected. Drag the top down to the size of black bars you want, this will bring the bottom up as well. Doing it this way will prevent the sides from moving in as well.

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    I've done it the way you describe. But it still doesn't solve my problem.
    Almost every single tutorial on youtube, regarding Sony Vegas Pro, have those black bars on the sides.
    Like this: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Widescreen Tutorial - YouTube

    Do you have an another trick up your sleeve? Im going crazy of those black bars, haha.

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    Do you have the pixel aspect ratio set to 1.000 square ?

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    Yes I do. And the rest of my settings looks like this:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Well if your render setting match those project property settings and followed the simple instructions on the YouTube tutorial I'm not sure what's going on. If you render the video without the cropping do you get the side bars ? Are you sure the project properties match your original footage ?

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