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Thread: What video light would you advise please

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    Default What video light would you advise please

    Now I am NOT into pro video yet, though I am using both a Panasonic 3mos camera and believe it or not just ordered a Sony Bloggie.

    I am looking at video lights, what would you advise regarding the LED 20-30 lights available now.

    I DO use a LED light for closeup DSLR work and whilst it is not as bright as ringflash I am more than happy, would you use one of these or something else.

    Thank you

    (will be using it tripod mounted by the side of the cameras on a bracket.)

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    I'm not sure there is an answer to the Q. you pose.

    It must depend on the ambient lighting, the nature of the subject and the camera's ability in low-light.

    However, on-camera light is a bit like on-camera audio, IMHO - better than "not having it" - but there are better ways to light the scene.

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