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Thread: Glidecam: How to be awesome (tutorial)

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    Default Glidecam: How to be awesome (tutorial)

    Hey guys, I've been gone for the summer but I'm now back with my first ever instructional video.

    I discuss the glidecam and give basic tips on balancing and operating. Let me know what you think

    p.s. sorry if this is in the wrong section

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    I thought this was good at the beginning when you included the Picture in Picture. Then there was to much showing just you and the background in the frame and to few cut away close ups of the camera as you where demonstrating it. It would have also been better if you had included demos of the camera producing the effects you are describing. When producing "How to Videos" its all about the subject. Not the presenter.

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    That's very true.

    I was planning on shooting some 'bad' examples of what not to do to help demonstrate using telephoto lenses on this rig for instance but I never got round to it.

    Thanks for watching

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    decent tutorial but there is one thing that bothered me a little. why is the footage so shaky? it's watchable but it bothered me a little. Especially since you're talking about glidcam who's whole purpose is to stabilize shots hehe (plus there is a tripod in the background)

    It just made it look more amateur.

    but good information otherwise

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    One of the problems with doing a video like this is that it won't be taken seriously if the presentation isn't perfect. So with the observations of WAYOFF and the voice going out of sync. along with the clips not quite being balance with each other (changing light issues) and to top it all the camera wasn't square, these all add up to put people off your advice from what could have been a nice presentation with useful tips.

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    Hmmm I switched off half way. A monotonous explanation, poorly filmed and edited. You have the right ideas, just not doing yourself justice on a video like this. A radio mic would have added so much more impact to the promo too.
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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    Have to agree with the above. It felt more like a mate explaining it at the club than an explanatory video (which is possibly a style you're going for)

    If you feel the need to explain how inertia works and the principle of the glidecam, a few diagrams/drawings (or even better, animations) would help break it up as well.

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    I liked your presentation and would certainly watch another of your tutorial videos if you presented. You gave me the impression you were passionate, but not patronising. But for god's sake, teach your cameraman some basics, create a better "set" and spend more time in the edit.

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    Hi guys

    Thanks for the very honest feedback.

    That's why I like to post here. I do mostly agree with your feedback but I don't think its too bad for a first attempt.

    The camera guy was using a shoulder mount as I didn't want the camera simply locked off on a tripod. I wanted it to be more 'dynamic' and interesting I guess.

    As for sound, I don't own a radio mic yet but when I do I'll definitely use it. I had to make do with the zoom on board mics which sounded a hell of a lot better than the GH2 onboard mic.

    Thanks for watching guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctbullet View Post
    Hi guys

    The camera guy was using a shoulder mount as I didn't want the camera simply locked off on a tripod. I wanted it to be more 'dynamic' and interesting I guess.
    It depends what you are doing although for almost all talking heads you would want it to be locked off/on a tripod. Making it more 'interesting' comes from the lighting set design and the information/script.

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