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    I'd be happy with that if itr was my wedding vid. What's with the collar and leads? Is that a Dutch thing?

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    I know nothing about wedding videos, this is the first one I have watched. Certainly told the story of a big day. Other peoples weddings are pretty boring for the observer, but I made it through this.

    But it seems the big day is actually yours - what a mammoth effort to produce one of these, no wonder I have read so many posts on here of problems between the couple and the producer of their video.

    So many one chance moments, planning for them, assertiveness to get what you need, and also the need for some production value to make a story unfold.

    This is not something I would ever want to do, so congrats to you on your effort here.

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    I'm not a wedding videographer so this is not an expert speaking but I think you did a good job of capturing the day. It came across as a very nice intimate relaxed and enjoyable day. I'm not sure about some of the cuts. Try not to cut from one shot to a very similar shot, use cut aways. At around 5 mins when the live audio comes in I would bring down the music in the mix so we can hear the words easier.

    Why was the ring put on the right hand ? I think it's an unwritten rule in Weddings videos that during the ceremony you shoot across the groom so you are front on to the bride as she is the star of the show.

    Just have the second cut of the cake shot, then lifting the piece of cake as the first shot has something on top of the cake then the next shot it's gone.

    I would loose most of the shots of serving up the hot food and eating, these shots are never complementary to anybody. The shot of the first dance seemed troublesome for you. Was there UV lights in the disco or was it just too dark ?

    I get the impression that you were being polite to the photographers, ie letting them get the front shots ( singing the register, cutting the cake etc.) and you stayed on the side, this can work for a lot of shots but I think it would have been better if you got some shots from the front.

    I think you did a terrific job with this as it's not really your area, certainly a much better job than I could have done. The most important thing is I'm sure the bride will be very happy with it.

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