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Thread: web series - procrastination vs entrepreneurship

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    Default web series - procrastination vs entrepreneurship

    Hi! It's been a while since I been here.
    I've improved a lot since I believe. Slowly getting my own style.
    So i thought I'd take a look around see what's happening.
    here is one of my latest video. I'd love to get some feedback see what people think.
    keep in mind I make these video's all alone so it brings a few limitations

    second video if you are interested:

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    Hi nice to see you a again. You've come a long way since you first tried to light with your work lights. Looks good, sounds good, good content. Colour balance is a bit off but not detracting enough to spoil my enjoyment. Well done.

    So what kit are you using these days ?

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    Quite funny and fresh - plenty of scope to expand, just doing something is worth 7 out of 10 straight away, so I'll give you 9

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    I was too busy watching the video to notice it. That's meant as a compliment. Well done.
    I love your definition of work. Is it orignal?

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    thanks for your comments.

    Midnight Blue: I tried to make it a bit warming by changing the colors on the video. I still have some issues with color grading as you can see
    for the kit I upgraded to daylight colored softbox. quiet a change hehe.

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