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Thread: Live Streaming on the internet..... Simple options for field use?

  1. Default Live Streaming on the internet..... Simple options for field use?

    OK, one thing i was looking at, was how easy it would be to stream video on the internet, but not from home / stuipd, from out and about on events, not talking broadcast quality productions, just single camera streaming whatever is happening at the time, for example......

    On a rally we would typically be at the end of a stage waiting to interview the drivers, so we are in a fixed location, but it would be in the middle of nowhere, would be relying on a Laptop with Mobile Broadband, that bit is simple enough. but how could i link up either the main camera ( sony FX1, but not in HDV mode ) or link up something small and simple like a Go-Pro using AV out socket ?

    The laptop doesnt have a DV port, which i guess will mean it needs to be some sort of USB capture device ? like i said, its for a web stream, so it wont need to be captured in high quality or anything

    There was of course the Go-Pro Wi-Fi backpack that you can buy, which is suposed to soon be able to stream via wifi direct from the go-pro, but it seems that there still isnt a release date for that yet that i can find anyway

    Anyone any sugestions or ideas ?


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    Have had this issue elsewhere, and it's a real jungle trying to find a cam that streams, and the input limitations.

    The simple answer is a webcam, they are HD capable 25fps these days, they stream over the web easy, record, have plenty of low light and exposure settings etc. The N1 is top of the range right now.

    In our case we actually used a swann home security 4 cam and HDD recorder set, even they have 1920 resolution now, but this was in a static location.

    Apologies if I'm barking up the wrong tree, but after we went through all the loops, these became the best solutions, some people may overlook them too, they are solutions for the simple stuff.

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