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Thread: How to get the distinct look (grayish\grainy documentary) of most kickstarter videos

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    Default How to get the distinct look (grayish\grainy documentary) of most kickstarter videos

    Hello Guys ,

    I am a newbie and would really appreciate your help.

    If you have seen most of the the videos on kickstarter they have this slight grayish\grainy look.

    example are

    I have attached some sample images also.

    I want to make a video with that kind of feel. Do you think it is done with some special camera setting or done post processing using
    some software

    thank you guys
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    Guys ,

    I forgot to mention that I am only going to take videos of some guys sitting and talking.
    Nothing fancy - no movements , no camera angles ....more like an interview

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    You can do this in camera by shooting very "flat" if you have the right camera Or "do it in post" by turning down the contrast and de-saturate to colours.

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    I suggest you film in the best quality and do your "art" in Post. That way you can compare different techniques.

    For interviews you need good try to get reasonably quiet areas and if possible use a microphone close to the speaker - one of those SDHC recorders can be useful - you match the audio to the camera soundtrack, but it will be better for being closer to the action.

    Not sure about the "feel" you describe - in Vegas Studio (a budget Windows Editor) you can add noise, blur and desaturate colour, fiddle with contranst, brightness etc. - - - - - - - - Indeed that will give you a couple of dozen combinations without trying too hard. . . . . and recall that any "genre" you invent will need to be part of future productions - so take the simplest technique wherever possible.

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