One of my hobbies is making short movies based around the gravity-fed sports im into i.e. Mountain biking and Snowboarding.

I have uploaded all the videos i have made onto youtube and linked them all in my facebook page.

Feel free to take a look if his is what interests you:

Gravity-Fed Media | Facebook

I dont have professional gear. the vast majority of my films have been made using video cameras on phones although i purchased a Gopro HD Hero2 for this years footage and i love it. i also use an 8 year old PC with pentium 2 and a whoipping 2GB of RAM. Trying to justify splashing out on a new PC when i have so much else to save for!!

I use adobe premiere and more recently adobe after effects. this is my main motivation for a new PC as after effects and HD video are just torture on my current setup. Still.....take a look and enjoy.