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    I'm sure this has been asked a few times but it's not a bad topic to go over once again!

    We are currently in post-production of a short horror film we have shot.

    We have high hopes for it as we have used a new and high quality lighting kit and new lenses. So our shots look great with good cinematography. We feel the script is good too!

    The only problem is we are not sure which festivals we should enter our film into. We have signed up to Withoutabox but there are just so many to choose from. Even though the first is primarily a horror, we feel it could do well in short film competitions and festivals too!

    We are from a small city in Scotland and we know other film groups who have had significant success in film festivals on an international scale and they have a similar sized budget to us. We always wonder, "How did they know to submit there film to that one"? They are no-budget like us so they certainly do not use the shotgun approach and just enter it everywhere.

    Can you guys give me some advice please?



    Reel Moon Productions

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    If you look through the list of festivals and read the descriptions to see if it sounds right. Then Google the festival to see if you can gleam any thing. You could send a PM to Fingercuff, I know he does the festivals. There is also the video club that TimS is a member of, they have an interesting competition, I'm sure he will be along to give you details.

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    hi, I came across this festival recently and have been in contact with the organisers, this may be good for your film purpose as I know they are arranging a halloween 'fright-fest' type of night so check it out I'm not sure if they have changed to accepting all genres now as I think this was the plan, but i may be worth contacting them. Heres a link to the site.

    graymarkit - FESTIVAL

    Best of luck with the film

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