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Thread: It's the law of buggery

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    Default It's the law of buggery

    Why do you always get ill when you're on holiday from work. I;m sure I read an article once about the reasons...

    Anyway, I'm off work this week and have some spare time to do things to the forums. Anyone want to suggest that I do something to it?
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    Why improve upon perfection? What about a Lemsip Forum?

    COMPAQ something or other with 500Gb Boot Disk, 1Tb external Firewire Disk, 4Gb Memory and a super duper sound card, 19" TFT Monitor etc etc etc
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    I'll see if there's a night nurse mod...
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    Here's an idea for a bored minute or two.
    Make a little icon that sits next to videoforums in the favourites bar instead of the usual e symbol.

    There. Only took me 24 hours to come up with that.

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    We've got a "quick reply" mod where a reply box is at the bottom of the thread, rather than another page.

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    On this page Marc the "Read Full Review" links are missing


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