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Thread: ''Latest Posts' is back

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    Default ''Latest Posts' is back

    Was it just me, or did 'latest posts' on the main page disappear a couple of months ago?

    They are back now, at least on my PC.

    Which is good, cos although I been real busy elsewhere, I was finding the lack of 'latest posts' made it difficult for me to just drop in every few hours and keep updated with events. Having to look through every forum for updates was too much.

    Been so busy that I downloaded peoples videos 1 and 2 months ago, and haven't even watched them yet!

    I'm back now though - I hope

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    It wasn't just you. Marc had to take it of for a while and do some other adjustments to the site as we were being attacked by spammers.

    Good to have you back.

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    That's good news Midnight - I was missing the forum, glad all is back to 'my kinda' normal.

    Worked my bum off for 8 months, 1500 hours work in that time, then came back to 5 acres that needed organising all over again - also bought lots of new toys with my work wealth, clever wireless everything, new laptop, multimedia spandanglees, but then spent 2 months installing them all, learning them, and getting them to talk to each other - technology - makes life much more simple init?

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