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    We've just released a new video about a few local bands and are looking for feedback. It's one of our first music style videos out there so if you have any comments we'd love to hear them!


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    I thought this was a good piece. It was fast paced and cut in a style to suit the material. I'm not sure of the intended audience or the purpose of the piece but it seemed a bit long for the casual viewer.

    Still a nice job.

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    Thanks, it's really aimed at the people who were there, are in the bands, and their fans, therefore I'm hoping the length won't put people off so much. By combining the four videos we hope it can be spread a little further and will gather some attention. It's also a promotional piece for us so hopefully all of that came across in the one video.

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    I'm sure those in the video or interested in the bands will like it and I'm sure the length will not be a problem for them.

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    I found myself drawn into it - I wanted to keep watching. The questions and answers were very "light" and moved on fairly quickly. In style it seemedd very similar to the sort of stuff we might see on yoof programmes, perhaps an "interview" section between two of the acts in a film of a afestival at which they were all appearing., or as part of an atricle about ACM. Was it ACM in Guidford?

    The "gig" shots were well set up and looked great.

    Audio was clear, shots were a little over exposed at times and there were different colour casts (none of this disaterous - I'm being picky)

    There was talk of these bands going to the college or ACM. I'm guessing that this is the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, but I don't know that from the vid (I'm only aware of it because my sone studied bass theer for a year). A line or a visual just indicating this would have prevented the question remaining in the viewers' heads.

    In a few of the shots the interviewees slipped out of the frame - not in a fashionalbe way, but in a mistake sort of way!

    The main drawback was that all the bands were filmed in the same environment with the same or very similar shots. This has a number of downsides:
    1. Lacks variety in visuals
    2. As the bands all looked & dressed the same (ie they were all being "individuals" ) this made it even more difficult to distinguish between each band. You did well to establish each band at the beginning, but if you'd put them in different locations, this would have helped establish a visual identity for each.
    3, Cutting from one band to another results in what looks like jump cuts. You've overcome this with inserts to a large extent, but you didn't give yourself the flexibility.

    A similar situation exists with the "live gig" shots. I had no idea which band was featuring is which shots. I appreciate you probably couldn't get into four different clubs to film, but significantly different lighting for each band and different angled shots might have helped distinguish them.

    I didn't really find my attention wandering until the "dream gig" question came along - no more trivial than the other question, but you dwelt on it for far too long (best response - "Wow, That's a good question" - for some reason that made me really want to know what Ms Nicholls' response was going to be.

    Overall a good effort.

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    By the way. you've hidden this away among the YouTube "Pimp the Link"s - which many people simply ignore as it's just there to pimp YT channels. If you really want constructive criticism, this would be better off in User Videos. If you'd like a mod to move it, just post a follow up saying so.

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    Thanks Tim!

    Yep, moving it probably makes sense, just getting used to the layout here still I guess.

    Thanks for the feedback, it's great to hear this kind of thing and really good for helping improve in the future. You're correct, it is the ACM Guildford, and it was done at a single event so there was no chance to vary the performances (lighting/etc out of our control!). But moving the interviews around is a good idea we'll bear in mind for the future.

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    I see a lot of value in this production, but more for the future than the present. Any of these guys become famous one day, you have some great early footage. We see early footage of today's famous and find it fascinating - this movie gave me that feeling.

    As for the present, your motives for making it would suggest individual shorter pieces for each band would be more relevant to the band and their fans, and would solve Tim's observations regarding identity.

    What I liked the most were the moments you captured, the bands were very relaxed with you and gave you good action, which is a credit to your style as a producer.

    I would have preferred to hear 3 or 4 examples of each bands songs, because that is relevant when you are promoting 4 new bands. But I understand this can make the production more complex.

    Overall you used a simple idea and executed it very well. The only question is the value you can derive from it, which I suspect is very little in this case. With 50% more thought you could probably derive 500% more in goal achievement.

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    Great interview! I don't know any of them but I kinda felt compelled to watch the video. This would have been great for local tv much less just for just a youtube video for fans and friends of the bands. Really well done

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