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    Hello guys,

    I recently returned from a surfing trip in Portugal, which was a really amazing experience. I took my camera and a gopro with me to capture the vacations and this is the movie I came up with in the end:

    I only regret I didn't take the tripod with me - as you can see the shots are pretty shaky. Please, share your thoughts about it, I would love to hear criticism and/or advice from people as excited about videos as I am

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    I thought I would give this video a go thinking it would be another one of those UN edited holiday snaps. Have to say pleasantly surprised looks great fun, fast paced with fitting soundtrack, good edits, I liked the split screen additions too. great job well done.

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    I agree with Caption World, I think you made a good job of this. May be tone down a bit on the film burn FX.

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    Nice job all round. A bit of a shame you had two good endings!
    I think it would have been great with just the one (not two) skateboard shots.
    But then again the silhouette shots against the sunset just had to be used.

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    Liked the pace/music too. Didnt like the beginning with the guy getting spanked.... Why was that there? I can imagine many people clicking out in the first 5 seconds (too much to see, any weird detail and bye bye...) Split-screens were very good. Liked the product: It shows you had a great time there.

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    Hey guys, thanks a lot for the feedback

    I used the film burn for the first time and clearly I was very excited about it - looking back I agree there should be less of it. Thank you also for the comments on the beginning and the end of the video

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    I used the film burn for the first time and clearly I was very excited about it
    Ha Ha, I did exactly the same when I first used it.

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