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Thread: RADIO RARA - A Short Movie by Afterschool Pictures

  1. Default RADIO RARA - A Short Movie by Afterschool Pictures

    Hi there everyone!

    We are Afterschool Pictures, a film maker team from Indonesia

    We are back with our latest film "RADIO RARA", directed by Albert Koto Indardyo
    The story and all the music on the film is 100% original
    The film is in Indonesian but it has a great english subtitle

    here is a premise of our movie :
    "A radio that guides a young girl to something she has long forgotten."


    Afterschool Pictures' RADIO RARA

    happy watching everyone!
    we hope to hear your comments and critics
    thank you very much!

    For those who haven't watch our previous film, check it out now!
    Afterschool Pictures' ALEGORI
    Afterschool Pictures' TANTRUM

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    I feel sure alot of work went into this, and much better than I could have done. Many congratulations to everyone who took part.

    But I confess, I only watched the first 7 mins. In my very humble opinion:
    1) The storyline felt very slow. By 07:00, very little has occured. I calculated that not much more would happen in the remaining 10 mins. (e.g. around 02:20, the lady seems to spend forever taking things out the box).
    2) The Font size of the subtitles seemed too small, and I not sure where solid letters would be easier to read.
    3) There was sometime too much to read. Although I am sure the translation was perfect; I suspect that when writing sub-titles that some sentences or phrases could be stortened (and therefore make it quicker to read).
    4) I might have considered treating some of the audio differently, e.g. the sounds from the radio did not sound like they were coming from a radio.

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    Have to agree with Tim on this. Very professional looking production. But I too gave up after 7mins, didn't seem to be a plot as such to make me want to carry on watching. Good effort though. Well done.

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    I think you did a good job technically with this. Just a couple of little focus and framing issues. I didn't like the canned laughter around 7:25 mins it through me out of the story. You seem to start off with an interesting idea but fall down slightly with the script. If this side of things can be worked on I think you will make some really good movies.

    It's still a very good job, well done.

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    I liked the idea and you surely worked a lot on it. It´s not a small production! Well done. I could see (or listen!) your care with sound. Did you edit with 5.1 in mind? I got a well oriented sound here most of the time.

    Agree with the others that it is a bit long (to watch on the net at least). Guess it asks for a more formal presentation, with less disturbances. Did you show it is a special session?

    Lighting was very good. Inside car shots, etc...

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    I agree with what has been said so far (my suspicions were first raised when the first shot was of an alarm clock going off - like every student film ever). But since it's technically good, I think a re-edit would really improve it. It needs to be much, much shorter. The first shot should be her getting the radio out of the box, for example. Everything before that is unnecessary. All of the long conversations make the story drag, and I think there are far more efficient ways to build character. I also think you need to work a bit on your dialogue. There was a lot of telling the audience what the characters were thinking and feeling rather than showing them. But I think a re-edit could fix a lot of these problems.

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